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45th Week of Slovenian Drama

Assosiation of theatre critics and researchers of Slovenia round table

The writing and (non)staging of Simona Semenič

Simona Semenič, a several time Grum Award nominee and winner is currently the most prolific playwright in Slovenia and her plays are a constant on stages abroad. We must be careful using the word play, of course, because her writing style vehemently evades the established structural norms and establishes and develops a new, recognisable narrative of the auteur. The content and the form are indivisible concepts in Simona Semenič’s writing, and both simultaneously help her convey her own understanding of contemporary drama and theatre. Her plays trigger staging challenges that bring a high potential for innovativeness in theatre/performative procedures, but at the same time, their non-conventionality can cause all sorts of trepidation when programming her texts on the repertoires of Slovenian theatres. Theorists and practitioners will discuss the writing and the (im)possibilities of Simona Semenič’s drama at the round table.

Guests: Primož Ekart (direector and actor), Maja Šorli (dramaturg and theatrologist), Tomaž Toporišič (theatrologist), Igor Žunkovič (lecturer at the comparative literature and literary theory)
Moderated by: ZalaDobovšek

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